Welcome to Second Street Sauna


Welcome to Second Street Sauna

As the fall season approaches in Marquette, Queen City of the North, (that’s in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for those who don’t know) it’s time to fire up the saunas and cool down the water. The days shorten and the temps go down, but my place is always hot. So get yourself in gear and check out Second Street Sauna. I’m more than willing to show anyone around and give you the grand tour before you come in. I’m one of those people who like to check things out before I use them.


Good clean fun is the order of the day!

When you come to Second Street Sauna you can step out of time. Imagine yourself relaxing as the heat purges the toxins from your body. Your spirit is rejuvenated and your mind soars as your body is freed from the confines of the EVERYDAY.


There are so many wondrous aspects to the sauna that you have to experience the sauna for yourself!

The heat opens the pours, melts the oils, and increases the circulation as the heart speeds up to start the sweating process that expunges the body of its contaminates.  I will show you how to take a great sauna and explain all that is necessary for you to enjoy the sauna as much as I do.

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